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FUN Bridge upstairs at the
Elks Club after all regular meetings.
Play ends about 3:30 PM.

Contact: Ed Loper
(805) 967-8630
Discussion Group

The discussion group meets on the
3rd Thursday in the upstairs room
following in the regular Club meeting.
Meeting time is about 1:45 - 3:30 PM.

There is a presentation on the
 topic of the day, followed by open comments and discussion.

All members are welcome and
 encouraged to participate.

The tennis group plays doubles
twice a week at Shadow Hills,
8:00 AM Mondays and Thursdays.

Contact: Pete Kruse

Golfers play at the
Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course
on Monday mornings.
There are additional games
at various courses.

Contact: Ron Singer
(805) 684-1355

Computer Society

The Computer Society was officially
 terminated on 6/22/2014
 because of low attendance.


The S.A.G.E. Investers Group

is Inactive